Group Leader Standards


You may not print out material from anywhere within the Group Leader Hub.

You will review the leader notes prior to the weekly meeting so you can read them without error during the meeting.

Meetings must be held in a quiet place where you are completely alone and uninterrupted. You must have adequate light to avoid dark shadows on your face, and the background displayed on your video must be clean, professional, and non-distracting to participants.

You will dress in business casual for meetings and conduct yourself in a professional manner during all engagements with your assigned DAL Group.

You will conduct a demo meeting with your assigned Program Manager (PM) before you lead your first group to make sure your video quality and presentation meet the quality standards for lighting, sound, background, and professional appearance.

You will set-up an email account dedicated to your work as a GL and provide that email to DA. You will check this email routinely or have email notifications set-up so you are notified when your DAL Group members are trying to reach you to address a program or attendance issue.

You will notify your PM of any and all shipping, shake, technical issues immediately, so DA can resolve the issue(s) promptly.

You will notify your PM of repeat attendance issues of any of your DAL Group members.