Slide Week 10: Stressed Out? Stress & Relaxation

Please note: Be sure to save at least 5 - 7 minutes at the end of the meeting to practice and be sure that everyone is clear on how to do the breathing technique discussed in the lesson (see Discussion Point 4).

Past week review (no longer than 10 - 15 minutes).
Let's talk about the food rejection exercise that was your homework.  Did you do it?  How did it go?  How did it make you feel? Look around the group and ask for a "yes" nod from people.  If anyone did not do the exercise, ask the other group members who did do it to tell them if and why they found it a worthwhile experience.

Tell those people who resisted that their homework for this week still includes doing the exercise.


Now, before we go on to the lesson, does anyone have any other insights or interesting experiences that they think would be valuable to share with the group? What about any questions?
Wait for any response/discussion. (Be sure not to let this run too long or get too far off topic.)

Then, play the lesson. (Next Slide )
Slide After Audio Check-In:
What did you think of the lesson you just heard?
Anyone have any thoughts they'd like to share?
Questions? "Ah Ha Moments"?
Give people a bit of time to flush out initial reactions before moving on to the next discussion point.
If there are no responses, simply move forward.
Slide Discussion Point 1:
Today's lesson said that stress, just like assertiveness, is one of the major factors causing many of us to turn to food as a way of taking care of ourselves.

Let's think about and identify one major stress point in our lives.  Who'd like to share it with the group so they can help come up with some suggestions or new ideas for how to handle it or respond to it differently?
Slide Discussion Point 2:
To deal with stress, you have to identify it.  Once you've identified the source of a stress, it's helpful to ask yourself some questions.  Does anyone remember the questions that you should ask? If no one speaks up, you can read this: The questions to ask yourself are:

Can it be avoided?

Can it be changed?

Am I contributing to it?

Am I creating it?

Do you think these questions will be helpful to you?

Are any of them surprising to you?
Slide Discussion Point 3:
The lesson also said that stress is anything in the environment that affects you.  What do you think about the idea of "good" stress?  Can you give some examples?
Slide Discussion Point 4:
Now, let's take a few minutes to practice the breathing technique from today's lesson so that we're all clear on how to do it.
 Have the group practice the breathing technique.  Here are the directions to read: - Sit in a comfortable position keeping the spine straight and feet flat on the floor.  Close your eyes.

- Close your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale through the left nostril. Inhale into the belly, not into the lungs.

- After inhaling, hold your breath for just a moment, then…

- Close your left nostril with the middle and ring finger of your right hand and then exhale through your right nostril emptying the belly.

- At the end of the exhale, pause for just a moment, and then inhale through the same nostril into the belly.

- After inhaling, hold your breath for a moment, then…

- Close your right nostril with your thumb.  Exhale through your left nostril emptying the belly.

- Pause for just a moment, and then inhale through the same nostril into the belly.

- Continue – out, in, and switch – with a brief pause at the end of each inhale and exhale.
Spend 5 - 7 minutes practicing. Be sure everyone knows how to do the technique.
Slide Wrap-Up:
Learning ways to deal with the stress in your life is essential for your success.  It will also make you feel a lot better.  Remember what you heard in the lesson: “If a stressful situation can be changed, find a way to change it.  If a stressful situation can’t be changed, find the best way to live with it.”  This week, think about how you can apply this advice. 

And, remember, this is an order week!

It's important that you place your order for the next Program Segment – that is, for weeks 13 - 16 – right away. It's best to do it right after this meeting. If you can't do it immediately, be sure to get your order in within 3 days from right now to ensure you get your shakes on time.

Have a great week!
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