Slide Week 16: Looking Back Again and Moving On Past week review (no longer than 10 - 15 minutes). As part of your homework this past week, you were to practice a technique several times and be prepared to share any insights you had with the group.

The technique was to sit with eyes closed and think about the food cues that are relevant for you.  Then, to think about what was going on when the cue occurred, as well as what came up when you thought about them.  You were also to spend some time thinking about the alternatives to eating that would satisfy those particular needs.

So, let's share some of those insights.  Who'd like to begin?
Pause for discussion.

If you don't get any volunteers and no one is willing to speak, you can have people spend a few minutes actually doing the technique and then afterward sharing their thoughts, insights, etc.

Please note:  If you need to do this, now is a very good time to remind people of the importance of doing the homework.  You might want to say something like:
Just a reminder – doing the homework is an important component of participating in this course. And frankly, if you don't put in the necessary work, you won't get the results that you are seeking. Keep in mind, the result you want is not just losing the weight – but learning how to keep it off. That’s your real goal here.

This week is our second review lesson, so before we get started, let’s just take a few minutes to check in with each other. So, how are you doing so far? How are you feeling? Does anyone have any thoughts or comments they’d like to share?

And then play the lesson. (Next Slide )
Slide After Audio Check-In:
What did you think of the lesson you just heard?
Anyone have any thoughts they'd like to share?
Questions? "Ah Ha Moments"?
Give people a bit of time to flush out initial reactions before moving on to the next discussion point.
If there are no responses, simply move forward.
Slide Discussion Point 1:
Today's lesson was our second review lesson.  So, as we did for our first review lesson at Week 8, take a few minutes now to think about which of the last seven lessons you found most interesting.  The lessons were: Read:  - You Weigh Exactly What You Should
 - Stressed Out?  Stress and Relaxation
- You Are NOT Your Thoughts:  Managing Thoughts
 - You are NOT Your Feelings: Managing Feelings
- Taking a Deeper Look at Goal Setting
 - Just Desserts and Other Rewards
 - Understanding Lapse and Relapse, and maybe even Collapse
Read each of the lesson titles again and pause after each one to ask if anyone found this one most interesting.  

When you've gone through all of them, go back to the first lesson, choose someone who found it most interesting and ask that person to answer these questions:
Please tell us why you found this lesson interesting.  Was it useful to you? Did the subject matter come as a surprise? What was it about the lesson that stood out for you? Do the same with all the lesson titles. Who'd like to start us off by sharing any thoughts that came up for you? Discuss. This is a good opportunity to call on people who haven’t had much to say in group. Ask them to choose a lesson and talk a little bit about it.
Slide Discussion Point 2:
Now, let's take a minute to talk about the purpose of these review lessons.  They are not just about making sure that you remember the material in the lessons.  What they are about is helping you look at how you are assimilating the information in the lessons and applying it to making changes in your own life.

So, what changes have you made or are you experiencing as a result of what you've learned from the lessons?
As people discuss changes they are making, keep in mind to try to “steer” the conversation toward these three questions.  People should be thinking about change in terms of: - What purposes is food serving in my life?  
- What do I need to be doing differently?
- How am I practicing these new approaches?
Read the above questions to help the group members get started, if necessary.
Slide Wrap-Up:
Remember, the lessons contain the fundamental knowledge you must understand and the experiences you must undergo in order to make the changes you want – and need – to make in order to lose the weight and keep it off long term.

These lessons are really all about building your awareness and honing your ability to make healthful, self care choices.  

And, just a comment on this week's homework, the worksheet and review checklist are the same forms that you did for the previous review week homework.  Complete them carefully and then compare them with what you wrote at Week 8.  It should be interesting to see what changes show up. 

Have a great week!
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