Slide Week 18: Moving Towards Change
Past week review (no longer than 10 - 15 minutes). Although you didn't have any specific homework this past week, hopefully, you spent some time thinking about your answers to these three questions:

1.  What purposes is food serving in my life?
2.  What do I need to be doing differently to meet my needs?
3.  Am I practicing these new "Better for Me Behaviors?"

So, today, we're going to share with one another our answers.  If you're still in the process of trying to work out your answers, that's OK.  Now is a good time to let the group help you.  So, who would like to begin?
If no one volunteers, start things out by calling on someone who's been vocal during meetings to break the ice.  If people are shy to speak, remind them that this is the purpose – and strength – of working in a group setting like this…getting help, suggestions and support from other group members.

Now, before we go on to the lesson, does anyone have any other insights or interesting experiences that they think would be valuable to share with the group? What about any questions? Wait for any response/discussion. (Be sure not to let this run too long or get too far off topic.)

Then, play the lesson. (Next Slide )
Slide After Audio Check-In:
What did you think of the lesson you just heard?
Anyone have any thoughts they'd like to share?
Questions? "Ah Ha Moments"?
Give people a bit of time to flush out initial reactions before moving on to the next discussion point.
If there are no responses, simply move forward.
Slide Discussion Point 1:
Please note: This week’s talk on exercise can be triggering for some, as it is often an area where people feel they have failed. Be on the lookout for people wanting to get the group to agree with them about their unhealthy behaviors around exercise and encourage them to take responsibility for their choices moving forward.

But always keep in mind, you want the discussion to be kind and understanding.  This is not about shaming.  The group is not here to make people feel bad or uncomfortable; its purpose is to help one another.  Remind people of this, if necessary.
Well, this was it – the inevitable lesson on the need for Exercise.  Your reactions to this lesson were probably very straight-forward – positive if you are exercising and negative if you are not.

So, let's talk about what we are – or are not – doing with regard to exercise. So, who is exercising?
Look around the room for “Yes” or “No” nods. It's important to get as many group members as possible speaking up in this discussion. So, even those group members who do not exercise and who are resistant to the idea can get in on the discussion and say what they think or feel out loud.
Slide Discussion Point 2:
Now, let's start with those of you who do have an established exercise routine.  First, tell us about how you started out:

Did you exercise before taking this course or did you start as part of your new "Better for Me Behaviors"?

- What made you choose this particular type of exercise?
- What changes have you experienced?
- Overall, how do you feel about it?
Call on group members who said that they exercise regularly.  Be sure that they answer the questions above and give them an opportunity to talk about why they find exercising to be a worthwhile endeavor. Next, let's hear from those of you who exercise on occasion, but haven't yet made exercise a regular part of their daily lives.

What are the factors/issues that keep you from having a regular, established exercise routine?
After someone has responded, ask the group to help out with this question: What are some suggestions for ways of overcoming these obstacles?

Finally -- and you knew this was coming – let’s talk about the issues that are stopping some of you from making regular exercise a part of your lives.

So, what is keeping you from exercising?
Call on people who exhibited resistance or who have had nothing to say so far. And, again, ask the group to come up ideas and suggestions to help them overcome whatever obstacles they bring up.

Slide Wrap-Up:
As the lesson said:  Exercise is not an option, it's 150% necessary!

For those of you who are exercising, great!  You are already getting the rewards.

For those of you who aren't yet, think about this:  You should already be feeling pretty good about yourself.  You've lost a significant amount of weight and you're already looking better and feeling healthier.  Any inhibitions you have are lessening. You've learned more about yourself; you understand diversions and over-learned thoughts and behaviors.  You are more open to change than you've ever been before.  Why not give exercise a try now?

And, remember, this is an order week! It's important that you place your order for the next Program Segment – that is, for weeks 21 – 24 – right away. This will be your last order. And, as always, it's best to place your order right after this meeting. If you can't do it immediately, be sure to get your order in within 3 days from right now to ensure you get your shakes on time!

Finally, just one more thing. In your workbook for this week, you’ll find an article called “Focus on Nutrition” which contains some really helpful tips on restaurant eating with suggestions for ordering wisely. Take the time to read it. See you next week!
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